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Where women come together to heal + transform.

In addition to my personalized coaching and healing sessions, I also offer monthly workshops and sister circle events in which women can explore topics and build community in a group setting. Together, we learn to harness the properties of the physical world, connect to our bodies and souls, commune with each other and heal from and undo negative thought patterns.
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Workshop & Event Calendar

Workshops and sister circles take place both virtually and in-person in Chicagoland. 
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Monthly Sister Circles

A women's circle is essentially what it sounds like: a group of women gathered in a circle, sharing stories and space with each other.
Yet these circles are so much more. Not only are they powerful ways to heal yourself while building and nurturing community – they're also ancient practices that date back to the birth of storytelling itself.
These gatherings aim to empower and uplift one another. Circles are safe spaces for women to share what’s on their minds, sometimes for the first time in their life, without fear of judgment or ridicule. Each month we meet with a fresh topic. I usually bring a question or so that requires honest and deep reflection. This container encourages others to share and connect, while teaching what it means to “hold safe space” for each other. The goal is to be open, vulnerable and kind to each other while building a sense of sisterhood and community among the group.
Members of the circle practice deep listening, which means avoiding the pull to offer advice and instead genuinely listening closely to others' stories and honoring their experiences without the need to fix or help.

Women's circles are powerful because 
they are not spaces for debate or agendas. Instead, they're all about honoring, listening and affirming one another.

What Women’s Circles Are Not

Women’s circles are not happy hour. They’re not gathering over drinks and foods or other numbing agents which keep our senses preoccupied and attention elsewhere. These circles are an invitation to turn inward. To heal and to grow. To pay attention to what comes up when being asked challenging questions.
Instead of seeking comfort from the outside through distractions, substances or avoidance, we remove the externals. We tune into our bodies. We quiet our minds and listen from within.
For some, just the thought of being still and removing the constant stimuli can cause a bit of panic.
That’s yet another reason circles can be tremendously helpful. You’ll be held safely. You’ll realize you’re not alone with your concerns, fears, stresses or anxiety.
You’ll find the other like-minded women who read this and said, "Yes, I am ready!"

Full Moon Circle

Every Month on the eve of the Full Moon, 7-8pm CST

A once-a-month, in-person gathering (6-8 women)

Full Moons are when we release what no longer serves us. This is a time to cleanse. We use the Full Moon energy to renew.

The Purpose of Full Moon Circles

Clearing Energy

Full moons are seen as opportune times to release or let go of anything that no longer serves an individual's growth. Participants may engage in rituals or guided activities that facilitate the process of releasing stuck energy or emotions.

Gaining Clarity

The collective energy of a full moon circle can enhance self-reflection and introspection. Participants may engage in discussions, meditations, or journaling exercises to gain clarity about their path, desires and life purpose.

Setting Intentions

Participants use the energetic power of the full moon to set intentions or goals for the coming lunar cycle. This practice allows individuals to tap into their desires and manifest their aspirations.

Building Community

Full moon circles provide a supportive and empowering community space where sisters can connect with like-minded women, share experiences and receive encouragement and support.

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New Moon Circle

Every Month on the eve of the New Moon, 7-8pm CST

A once-a-month, in-person gathering (6-8 women)

New Moons are when we set our intentions for what we wish to attract or achieve in the next moon cycle. We use the New Moon energy to MANIFEST.

The Purpose of New Moon Circles:

Planting Seeds of Desire

Just as farmers plant seeds during the new moon phase, participants in new moon circles metaphorically plant seeds of desire for their dreams and goals. This act of planting represents the initiation of a new cycle and the potential for growth and abundance.

Gaining Clarity

The collective energy of a new moon circle can enhance self-reflection and introspection. We engage in discussions, meditations, body awareness exercises and journaling to gain clarity about our desires and purpose.

Creating a Plan

New moons are seen as opportune times to create a plan for the upcoming lunar cycle. Each intention requires action and energy on our part. This is when you create that idea in doable steps.

Building Community

New moon circles provide a supportive and empowering community space where women 
can connect with like-minded women, share experiences and receive encouragement 
and support.

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Chakra Alignment Workshop

This program focuses on understanding and balancing the seven main chakras in the body. Chakras are energy centers that influence our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Participants learn tools and practices to cleanse, activate and harmonize their chakras, while also learning which of their personal energy centers may be in need of attention.
Introduction to Chakras
Individual Chakra Exploration
Chakra Healing Practices
Integration and Self-Reflection
Practical Application
Community Support
Chakra Workshop Schedule
I believe working extensively with each chakra, allowing a full month to learn, explore and integrate, allows for a deeper understanding and furthers the benefits of this course, including:
Enhanced self-awareness and understanding of your 
personal chakra system
Improved energy flow and balance within the body
Heightened intuition and spiritual connection
Increased emotional well-being and stress management skills
Greater alignment of mind, body and spirit
Development of lifelong practices for self-care and personal growth

Date + Time

January - June 2024, 7pm CST [virtual]
6 months in length
January 8
February 5
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4

Wellness Retreat

Seeking A Weekend Retreat?

Join me for a restorative weekend in the beautiful, rolling hills of Galena. Disconnect from electronics and immerse yourself in meditation, yoga, acupressure, Abhyanga, and the tranquility of nature. Extend that care for your body with delicious, fresh, healthy meals, featuring nothing but clean and wholesome ingredients. Vegetarian with vegan options available.

Date + Time

APRIL 19TH-21ST, Galena, IL
sold out

Women Transitioning Together

Are you a peri-menopausal woman seeking guidance during this transitional phase?  Do you struggle to find clear information from your healthcare provider? Have you wondered about the experiences you might start encountering? This group is created for women like you, offering support and a safe space to learn, share, and listen to other women's journeys through mid life.

Just think how wonderful it would be to have guidance and support during this beautiful transition. 

Date + Time

To be announced [vIRTUAL]

a biweekly women's circle with a virtual support group to continue the conversation in between sessions.
If you’re interested in this circle, please reserve your spot here:

January 8
February 5
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4