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Strengthen your intuition. Discover your higher-self. Transform your life.

Through a combination of various therapeutic modalities, including guided healing sessions, personal coaching, un-learning workshops and women’s circles, I create spaces for women to come together to heal and overcome limiting personal beliefs, societal pressures and disconnection from both self and spirit.
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Embrace your intuition on the path towards self-discovery.

These one-on-one coaching sessions, in-person or virtual, combine talk therapy, guided meditations, somatic practices, shadow and inner child work, sound healing, gentle yoga and breathwork to help you work through mental and physical blocks, break free from limiting beliefs, overcome lifelong patterns that have kept you trapped and release fear by uncovering and healing major wounds.


My transformational healing and coaching sessions for women offer personalized guidance and support that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. Together, we will determine which healing practices will best serve you and help strengthen your intuition 
and sense of self.

How it Works

You and I will set up an initial call to discuss your goals and needs and determine a scope and timeline for our session work. Together, we will identify methods of healing and coaching work that will help you reach the goals you outline in our initial call. If you begin a healing session to work through a particular event or trauma and end up wanting to continue on working together once your initial goals have been met, we will continue to reevaluate and adjust your session work to include new goals, methods and timelines.

What to Expect

Through our one-on-one coaching sessions, you will feel empowered to trust your inner voice and develop increased confidence in your authentic self. You will develop effective strategies and thought patterns to work through past traumas or limiting belief systems as well as acquire tools that enable you to confidently identity and embark on the journey towards your personal goals and ambitions.
  • A unique curation of healing modalities specific to your needs
  • Tangible strategies and tools you can practice independently
  • Validating support and an empathetic and experienced listening space
  • Empowering frameworks that reconnect you to yourself and 
the world around you

My Healing Methods

Inner Child Healing

The process of reconnecting with your inner child and addressing unmet emotional wounds that may still be affecting you as an adult.

Shadow Work

This method involves exploring and healing parts of yourself you may have repressed or denied, often encountering and accepting darker parts of yourself in order to experience intense growth and healing.

Release Rituals

These are typically performed after a client has a breakthrough; once a client experiences some sort of transformation or lets go of a long-held belief or limiting experience, we practice a ceremony in order to make tangible the experience and client’s commitment to the newfound perspective.

Sound Healing

Sound can help aid in the release of trapped emotions and trauma; certain frequencies and vibrations can also help reduce stress as well as create physical responses in the body, either allowing certain energies to be released or promoting the production of positive neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin.

Breathwork + Guided Meditation

These methods are particularly helpful for those seeking nervous system regulation, but I often incorporate them into all sessions due to their centering qualities and support of mindfulness practices.

Gentle Yoga + Movement

This low-impact movement helps release physical tension and stored trauma from the body; the release helps individuals reconnect with their bodies and experience the release of long-held emotions, which are often subconsciously held in our muscular systems.

Parts Work

This therapeutic approach involves working with different parts of yourself to understand how they each influence your thoughts, emotions and behavior.
My coaching packages are designed to assist you in overcoming specific obstacles or achieving targeted goals and are available over periods of 6 or 12 months. Additionally, I provide healing sessions as standalone offerings. However, please note that these individual sessions are subject to limited availability. For more information and to explore these options, please reach out.

Take the First Step Towards Healing

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Learn to navigate life’s transitions and become your most authentic self.

In these virtual, topical workshops with other women, we examine the various ways women have been taught to behave and explore productive strategies to improve our internal and external lives. We dive into our own personal stories of conditioning and see where we were first taught some of the beliefs we still hold today. Are they yours? Are they true? Are you ready to set them down? Together, we develop better confidence in and understanding of our authentic selves.
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Workshops are offered digitally and are 1-2 hours in length. They occur on a monthly basis and are offered either individually or as a series over a 2-6 month period. Workshops sometimes explore a specific topic or healthy living practice (like Chakra alignment or nervous system regulation) and other times offer a broader examination of negative thought patterns and behaviors and how we can best manage them. Check my calendar for a full schedule of upcoming offerings.

What to Expect

Working together to free ourselves from limiting belief systems, we share lived experiences with each other and interrogate the circumstances surrounding the aspects of our lives that have caused pain, held us back or left us feeling disconnected from ourselves. You will leave feeling empowered and free to step into the True You, equipped with practical tools and strategies to carry with you.

Let’s Dig Deep


Return to the healing ways of the earth.

Lunar Living Sister Circles are safe and sacred spaces where women can come together and be vulnerable with each other, sharing their stories, struggles and triumphs. We meet under the full/new moon to set our intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, taking advantage of the unique opportunities each season offers to connect with the Earth and its elements.


Each Sister Circle meets in-person on a monthly basis on either the day of the full or new moon, pending the circle’s cycle.

What to Expect

Sister Circles bring participants the opportunity for increased connection to both themselves and each other, taking advantage of the mystical powers of Sisterhood and feminine community. Through shared vulnerability and collective support, we strengthen our intuition, bringing about increased self awareness and new insight and returning us to our inherent connection to the Earth, its elements and the ways of our ancestors.

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