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About Jennifer

I am an experienced, empathetic and intuitive guide committed to helping women seeking alignment, healing and connection.

As a trauma therapist and yoga teacher I bring with me a solid footing in the spiritual, psychological, physical and philosophical worlds. I believe there is power in communal healing and alignment with the Earth’s forces, and I am passionate about guiding other women along the path towards self-discovery and transformation.

Where women come together to heal and transform.

As women, we can too easily find ourselves minimized or burdened by the limiting forces of the world around us and how they manifest in our own lives and internal belief systems. Things we have been told and the sacrifices we make to support those around us can have lasting impacts on our well being and our ability to connect to our true inner power and identity.
Maybe you find yourself experiencing a profound life transition, severe disconnection from yourself or simply a deep desire to feel empowered and awakened to your own intuition. You seek alignment, transformation and the solidarity and sisterhood of community.
Regardless of where you find yourself when our journey begins, our work together will help restore your inner peace, leaving you feeling unburdened, empowered and at home in your mind, body and soul.

Turning inward to find truth, healing and power.

I approach my coaching and healing practice through a lens grounded in the strengths of and relationships amongst the earth, our physical bodies and our intuition. My work emphasizes the mind-body-soul connection, and through this, I help my clients become better attuned to the relationships amongst their own inner and outer worlds, strengthening their intuition and developing a sense of peace in their physical being.
My wide range of training and diverse therapeutic background allow my offerings to be curated and easily tailored for your specific needs and experiences so you will feel safe, seen and validated on your path towards self-discovery and alignment.


Healing comes
from within.

A practitioner and instructor of yoga for over 25 years, I am an expert of body mechanics and all things fascia and muscle related. Early on in my yoga career, I quickly adopted meditation, breathwork, somatics and embodiment movement into my practice before transitioning to become a trauma therapist. Eventually, I combined the two pursuits and began working in rehabs and hospitals practicing nervous-system therapy and healing work in a clinical setting.
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In 2020, after encountering a collection of personal losses and unhealed past traumas, I found myself on my own healing journey, seeking to connect with other people who would understand what I was feeling. I joined circles and groups of like-minded individuals – namely women – experiencing the same thing as I was, and it was there that I felt seen, heard, held and validated for the first time in my life. I quickly began leading my own circles and coaching others through their own transitions, incorporating my years of body-centered trauma therapy work into these practices.
My own personal healing experience is ultimately what led me on the path to where I am now – guiding and empowering others as they pursue their own growth and wellness through a holistic, communal and body-centered method of healing.
I know that healing is possible because I have been on the other side of that journey myself, and I am eager to support and guide you as you take the plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is transformational coaching different from other types of coaching?

Transformational coaching is about helping you recognize existing patterns of resistance. In the partnerships I build with my clients, it’s about holding you safely as you explore your inner world and your “story” – which includes lifelong beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations – in order to discover where you may be creating your own blocks. What are your limiting beliefs and what needs to change or heal in order to create greater possibilities and new ways of being in life?

Why choose someone that works with the Mind, Body and Spirit?

I believe deep healing and change goes far beyond our minds. The stories we tell ourselves are a large piece, but the stories our bodies tell can be even more powerful. Once we’re aware of all that our body holds, we can begin to listen intuitively without being thrown off by the repeating stories our minds loop through. We can then connect with our higher selves which are beyond our limiting beliefs. Truth arrives through all areas – Mind, Body and Spirit.

What if I uncover something I didn’t want to know or it all becomes too much?

There’s a good likelihood that may happen at times, which may be the exact puzzle piece you’ve been in need of all along. Seeing or feeling a wound/block/issue is the first step toward healing and growing from it. We can only move forward if we have the awareness of what we’re truly moving with. This is when the avoidance and numbing finally ceases. This is also exactly why having someone safely guide you through this process can make all the difference.

What if I’ve never done any sort of holistic care? Somatics, sound healing, acupressure, yoga, meditation, breathwork, chakras – it all sounds a little woo woo to me.

You don’t have to know a thing about it or have any experience with it! The only thing that’s asked of you is to come with an open mind and be willing to learn and receive in a way that you may have resisted until now. Also, I believe that if you’re reading this, it isn’t by chance or accident. You were meant to step into this journey, and you’re more ready than ever.

What does trauma mean? It seems like everyone is talking about it these days, and I’m not sure where these parts fit into my healing path.

There’s more than one way to define trauma. I personally love the way Dr. Gabor Maté explains it: “It's a psychic wound that leaves a scar. It leaves an imprint in your nervous system, in your body, in your psyche, and then shows up in multiple ways that are not helpful to you later on.” In general, trauma is the experience of extreme stress that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope. It changes your perception of the world, disrupts your sense of safety and leaves lasting emotional and psychological effects. It’s important for individuals to seek out trained professionals who specialize in trauma to ensure they receive the most appropriate and effective treatment for their specific needs.

Do you accept insurance?


What is your pricing, payment information and how long are sessions?

Pricing, payment and session duration all vary depending on the service in question. Please see my offerings page or contact me to learn more.

Are your sessions virtual, or in person, and what state(s) can you see clients in?

My sessions are both virtual or in person, again depending on the service in question. Certain one-on-one healing practices will require in-person visits. For all in-person appointments, I see clients in the Chicagoland area. Virtual services are available to clients outside of Chicago.

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