Life Phases: Celebrating The Present

Hello friends.

After a day of silent retreating and meditation, my Sunday arrived with thoughts on how I'd like to return to the bustle.

Ancient scriptures tell us that we live our life in four distinct phases. Our first phase of childhood signifies a period full of physical and mental growth and development.

The second phase of adulthood as a period of outward progress and achievement.

The third phase (which is where I presently reside) marks a period of letting go of the need to do and achieve with more focus on inner growth, deep reflection and contemplation on the life lived so far.

Which prepares us for the final and fourth phase of deep fulfillment and peace that reminds who we ultimately are – a pure light.

So here I find myself, welcoming and celebrating the beginning of a radiant period of wisdom and grace in a woman’s life. If I can enter it with proper perspective and preparation, this can be an exciting transition to one of the most beautiful chapters yet. There's so much unknown here. It's often as breathtaking as it is heartbreaking. What I know is that I want to be more present than ever. 

And so I shall.

My wish for you is that whatever chapter you're in, you grasp the beauty, the mundane, the fleeting moments as well as those that drag on –  and mostly... the lessons. 

If we're paying attention, every glorious chapter is a lesson.

Here's to learning and staying open to all of it.

Love, presence and peace to you all.


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